We are unframed

“We offer you street art, urban art & graffiti art with a wide range of the world’s best artists.”

Through years of being active in the world and having built up a wide knowledge and circle of friends and the trust of the most underground artists in this particular world, we will bring you exhibitions that are unprecedented. artists that have never sold or exhibited before. We also bring in the crème de la crème of oldskool in NYC and europe. Most of the artists will be on opening night every first Friday of the month or 2 months painting the NYC subway live in the back of the yard . We offer a lot more art rentals, workshops, team building, and master classes . We also have a mega event that has been going on for several years, the UNFRAMED URBAN ART EXPO . We are also an agency for the best artists in the world who are placed with us. See the rest of this site for all further info.

Gallery in Deurne


By 'something special' he means Urban Art, art from the street, from artists who previously offered nothing for sale and exhibited. They prefer to remain anonymous, because their street work often balances on the edge of illegality. Thanks to the enormous network of father Erwin, who used to make graffiti himself, the two know many of these underground artists. And perhaps more importantly, they have gained their trust.

Popular Art

Popular art refers to artistic creations that are widely recognized, consumed, and celebrated by a large audience, often characterized by their accessibility, mass appeal, and cultural significance

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