German graffiti legend RIO exhibits in Deurne gallery.


International graffiti artists of global renown are increasingly finding their way to Stationsstraat in Deurne, where Unframed Art Gallery has become a hotspot for both artists and art enthusiasts from around the world. Last Friday, the gallery celebrated the opening of a new exhibition by the German graffiti icon RIO, an artist from Dortmund who has been active since 1986 under this artist name, but is also known as MASON and IOS. His works are recognizable for their unique, robust, blocky style that catches the eye immediately.

This exhibition in Deurne marks the largest solo exhibition to date for the German artist, showcasing various variations on his famous tag ‘RIO.’ Alongside the exhibition, a book titled “THE PROCESS OF WRITING” has been released, which explores in 224 pages with photos and personal stories the inspiration sources and artistic process behind RIO’s artworks.

A notable element in his creative inspiration is the comic characters of Vaughn Bõde, an influential American underground cartoonist known for his character Cheech Wizard and depictions of seductive women. The popularity of Bõde’s characters remains undiminished among graffiti artists, including RIO.

RIO has his own studio in Dortmund, where he also marked every train with his signature during the 1980s, leaving a lasting imprint on the city’s graffiti scene. His early works, characterized by a rougher design, are also displayed at the Deurne gallery, presented on pillars and on the walls, where the artworks gain a special look through specific colors while the layout remains consistent.

The exhibition of RIO’s works will be on display for the entire month at Unframed Art Gallery, located at Stationsstraat 37 in Deurne. Following this exhibition, gallery owner Guillermo Delouw has another prominent artist scheduled: from June 14, works by BLADE will be on display, an American graffiti legend from the Bronx, known as ‘the King of Graffiti.’ Moreover, Unframed is organizing a major event in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven from November 8 to 10.

In addition to regular exhibitions, Unframed Art Gallery also facilitates a series of events and workshops where visitors have the opportunity to interact with the art and artists in a hands-on way and get creative themselves.