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At UNFRAMED Art Gallery, we pride ourselves on showcasing unique and unconventional pieces of art. One such example is our collection of maps that have been sprayed with graffiti. While some may view graffiti as a form of vandalism, we see it as a creative expression that adds a unique and edgy twist to traditional cartography.

Each map in our collection has been carefully chosen to showcase the skill and creativity of the artist who sprayed it. Some of the maps feature bold and colorful graffiti that covers the entire surface, while others have more subtle and intricate designs that blend seamlessly with the original map. These maps are not only visually striking, but they also offer a thought-provoking commentary on the relationship between art, culture, and geography.

A few of the maps in our collection that has been sprayed with graffiti are maps of New York City. The artist has used bright colors and bold lines to highlight different neighborhoods and landmarks, creating a dynamic and eye-catching piece that captures the essence of the city. The graffiti on this map not only adds an artistic flair, but it also reflects the vibrant and diverse culture of New York.